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Kangana Ranaut Calls Coronavirus A Small Time Flu After Testing Covid-Positive

Kangana Ranaut confirmed on her Instagram handle that she has isolated herself after testing positive for Coronavirus. The actress also informed her followers that she felt tired with slight burning sensation in her eyes for few days and when she got her Covid test done for travelling to Himachal, the results came back positive.

She further encouraged people to keep a positive mindset and not be scared of the disease or it will scare them more. It was quite shocking to see Kangana spread positivity but yet again, she ruined it by calling the virus, “ a small time flu which got too much press’ in her statement. How can she call a virus that has shaken not only our nation but the entire world a small time flu? Is she numb to the staggering Coronavirus death toll? Her statement just undermined the hard work and sacrifices of our frontline workers, the pain of so many Indians who have lost their loved ones to this fatal disease and the struggle of migrant workers and daily wage earners who are fighting to feed their families everyday during this difficult time.

If Kangana’s statement was an attempt to not scare people, it could have been done in a more thoughtful way. What do you think?


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