Kangana Ranaut charged Rs 24 crores for Thalaivii. How much is she getting paid for Sita: The Incarnation?

It was way back in 2019 when reportedly Kangana Ranaut became the highest paid actress in Bollywood history with a whooping sum of Rs 24 crores that she demanded for playing former Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa in Thalaivii.

Fast forward to 2021, when the entire fee hike controversy surrounded Sita: The Incarnation. Reportedly the makers first had Kareena Kapoor in mind but she, to their surprise hiked her fee to Rs 12 crores, which became quite an issue and let to her massive trolling on social media. People went on say that a religious movie like this should be done for free!

And now it seems the makers have changed their minds and confirmed Kangana Ranaut for the titular role. Now, even though no official statement regarding the fee settlement has been put out, the makers have said that it is going to be a high VFX oriented film, which means a lot of extra work for the actors.

So either Kangana has lowered her fees by a large margin to grab the role of Sita or the makers desperately needed her for the role, one of these two things happened for sure. What do you think about this?