Is Kangana Ranaut First of Her Kind in Controveries?

Probably, controversies have been in Bollywood since its inception. Almost everyone has been linked with some or the other controversy here. But there is hardly anyone who didn’t try to push that away. Everyone moved on and never tried to turn back; everyone but Kangana Ranaut. She made sure that she remembers and reminds every detail of her side of the story to the world. From her speech in Rajat Sharma’s Aap ki Adalat till her very recent tweets, she makes sure that no one forgets her.

She has made bold statements based on her opinion. But more than anything, she is among the very few who could hold the rein for such a long period. There were bolder statements made by other celebrities, who later ditched what they started. What some should borrow from her is her will to fight back. One’s opinions can be right or wrong, but we need people to keep on telling their side of the story. Maybe that’s how one day, we would get answers to all the questions.