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Kangana Ranaut has come out with yet another non-sense IGTV...

Well, it won't be a shocker for me when I say that it was quite a while that we heard some things out of Kangana's mouth where she made no sense at all. We now have an IGTV for it! Recently amongst the ongoing pandemic she made a video of her saying that these people (foreign governments and ministers) will now teach us how to run our government? The ones who had their country in shambles they will be telling us what to do? She then goes on to say that India's is being shown as it has just been developed from Monkeys to humans and now we will tell you how to run the government. FYI, these governments are those who have come forward to help India in these uncertain times and she wants to show them that India knows much better. Makes no sense right? Let me know in the comments, should Kangana still be considered relevant, does she know what she's talking about? LOL


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