Is Kangana Ranaut trying to make peace with Karan Johar by praising Shershaah?

You heard me. Kangana Ranaut actually did praise Karan Johar and the entire Shershaah team for pulling off a highly anticipated and difficult film to make, not just because of the sentimental value associated with it but also because of the fact that they kept the authenticity intact while shooting this film in Kargil.

Now Kangana and Karan's history has not been a hidden secret. The two have said some really bad things about each other in the past, especially Kangana calling Karan names and all sorts of derogatory remarks. So this appreciation post from Kangana, does it mean that she wants to put everything in the past now. Because apparently she doesn't have any friends in the industry now and getting work and future projects might just be a problem.

Of late also, she has been praising stars for their films, including Kriti Sanon for Mimi and Akshay Kumar for Bellbottom. Now this sudden soft corner for the film industry might also be because her film 'Thalaivi' is also up for release in the near future.

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