Kangana's Twitter account suspended, FINALLY!

We have all been seeing how Kangana never hides her opinion (even if it is extremely biased & looks BJP funded) and likes to speak derogatory things about either Bollywood stars she has an issue with or the Political organizations who she does not support.

Recently, she had congratulated Mamata Bannerjee on winning the Bengal elections but soon after she was seen posting obscene and fake news regarding the same on her Twitter account. Well she has been noted about her foul tweets about political agendas, protests and BJP biased information many times before and also had her account Temporarily suspended once before. But now, this looks like the permanent suspension. She has gotten into verbal fights with stars such as Rana Ayyub, Swara Bhasker, Fara Khan Ali & even Diljit Dosanjh in the recent past.

She was also objected about calling a farmer's protestor dadi saying "Yehi dadi tablighi mei bhi thi, 80Rs ke bhaade pe milti hain yeh protest ke liye" Which was taken in a very way by the farmers unions. Well, in my opinion this was expected a long time ago, if anything, Twitter was too late! Let me know what you think ;)