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Karan Johar is asking outsiders like Jaideep Ahlawat to speak highly of him in public, lol

Seeing a little change in attitude of Karan Johar lately. Only 2 days ago he came to know that he has very conveniently casted some of the legendary and most respected actors in his new movie so that the public can't thrash him for picking star-kids in all of his movies, apparently he did pick Alia Bhatt nonetheless. But the point here is that he is very intelligently working to clean his public image I feel.


Now Jaideep Ahlawat another respected outsider spoke highly about Karan which I feel was totally planted. In his words, " He(Karan) once said that he never wants to show the audience realism, he wants to show them a dream world; I liked that. e knows what he's doing. And everyone has heard stories about how emotional he is about his 'dream world stories'.

I don't Karan will ever change though but when someone like Jaideep Ahlawat appreciates him in public, his image can certainly change.


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