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Karan Johar is being hated more than he needs to !

For the past few years famous bollywood director-producer Karan Johar has become the favourite persona for trolls. But does he actually deserve such unkind words?


People blame him for nepotism in bollywood but do we realise that he has also launched actors like Siddharth Malhotra who have no connection in the industry? Moreover, he has launched around 16 directors! Why is he never credited for launching so many new directors with no filmy background?


He has produced so many films/shows on OTT platforms with new artists. He has produced films like Raazi and Shershah which make us proud Indians! Why no credit for that ?


Why are we blindly believing few actors who just want publicity because there movies don't work without it ? Look deeper and understand that this is all a planned move to prove Karan Johar bad in front of the Indian audience!


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