Karan Johar: The King of getting backlashed every then and now

It’s hilarious how KJO is trolled every then and now for irrelevant reasons like hosting Bigg Boss OTT or showing up just anywhere. It seems that people don't need reasons to troll Karan these days. After last year's nepotism rampage, Karan Johar is dragged into every conversation which includes nepotism. Not that he isn't to blame for it but he surely is not the one who started the tradition of launching star kids. Karan has become the Pit guy: The guy who is targeted whenever the topic of nepotism comes up. Some can find comedy in his tragedy while others can backlash him with everything they have got. Not many will stand for him, not until they are the Dharma-kids whom he launched. (indirectly, directing towards Aaliya, Ananya, etc ). The point here is that, if the nepotism debate was not stirred last year, were we still pointing fingers at him? Blaming him? Or trolling him for hosting BIGG BOSS?