Karan Johar on the new generation of actors' fee hike!

According to KJO,

“There is a younger order that is yet to prove their muscle at the box office. They’re asking for Rs 20 or 30 crores. For no reason. Then you want to show a report card to them and say, that hello, this is what your film opened to.”

He also wonders that why should he pay 15 crores to actors and his editor only 55 lakhs! The Filmmaker also said, “I would rather pay top dollar to members of the technical crew, who actually make the film special.” 

Karan Johar told The Film Companion that their management has given them information on digital releases and recoveries. He described them as "beyond deluded." The remuneration of technicians and actors was also a source of contention for Karan Johar and Zoya Akhtar. Reema Kagti, who was also present, described why it was sometimes difficult to decrease the budget and why it was tough to have such discussions with performers who didn't appear to comprehend the difficulties. KJo went on to remark that while striking partnerships with megastars who bring in money is understandable, he is perplexed by the demands of the younger generations.