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Kareena Kapoor Khan to Deepika Padukone, actresses in mythological roles are given flak for their lifestyle?

This isn't something new or limited only to Bollywood. When reports of Kareena Kapoor's acting fee for playing Sita was revealed, she bore the brunt of criticism. Twitter trended to boycott her, and everything down to her personal life was scrutinised. Saif Ali Khan's religion, Taimur's name, and many other aspects were dragged in. This isn't the first time.


Deepika Padukone has also received a lot of hate in recent times and if one goes to videos from her movie Padmaavat, there are derogatory comments about her essaying the role of a Queen onscreen when her personal life is so and so.


It's also not just limited to the Indian film industry. A Turkish historical fiction called Resurrection: Ertugrul had gotten extremely popular. One of its actresses, Esra Bilgiç, was flooded on social media with comments regarding her dressing being inappropriate because she played Halime, a revered figure onscreen.


Why can't people separate historical figures from the artist? Isn't it problematic to expect these women to behave a certain way because they essayed a particular role in a movie or show.


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