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Kareena on naming her second child

We all are aware that Saifeena had gone through a big trauma soon after Taimur’s birth in 2016. Sadly, on Bebo’s due date, hashtags like #Babar & #Aurangzeb were trending. Back in 2016, Saif had second thoughts on Taimur’s name & was ready to changed it but Kareena was firm on her decision.

What will be the case this time ? Would it be a happy moment or another controversy?

Kareena, in an episode of her chat show, Dabur Amla 'What Women Want', told guest Neha Dhupia that they have decided to wait until the baby arrives before naming it. “After the whole controversy of Taimur, both Saif and me have not even thought about it. We’re like going to leave it last minute and then spring a surprise,” she told Neha on the show.

Let's wish the mother & infant all the happiness & health. 


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