Kartik aaryan

Kartik Aaryan Today, Karthik is growing a lot in this Bollywood industry, although today we know Karthik Aryan as a successful actor, but there will be very few people who will be aware of his struggle and about Karthik's struggle. would know Let's start Karthik's school life When Karthik used to study in his school, he used to tell his friends that I want to become an actor but friends used to make fun of him because of which he used to get very disappointed when Karthik's When 12th studies were over, he came to Mumbai on the pretext of studying engineering and came here and followed his passion for acting. Friends tell that Karthik did not even tell his family members that he had to become an actor because his family wanted Karthik to become a successful doctor like him, but Karthik was very fond of acting since childhood and he was very fond of acting. Recently, he wanted to become an actor, so he came to Mumbai on the pretext of engineering studies without informing his family members. Friends, the matter did not come here, Karthik Aryan used to live in a room with 12 people in Mumbai, at that time he did not have money, so he used to cook and feed his roommates so that they would get some money and Karthik used to go out for his acting classes and auditions early in the morning, traveling from one city to another through train. But the matter did not work here even after working hard for 3 years, Karthik did not get his result, he could not get selected for a single film, but still he did not give up and continue his efforts. Found out about the audition and Karthik went to audition for that film, finally Karthik got a place in this film, the name of this film was "pyar ka puchnama" And after the success of this film, Karthik did many more films but after "sonu ke titu ki sweety" he got real recognition and people started knowing him and since then Kartik has never looked back and this Became a successful actor in Bollywood industry 


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