Katch Up With K-Pop | Do 4 members create the best combination for K-Pop girl groups?

We all can agree that 4 member groups like Blackpink and Aespa are leading their generations and definitely one of the most successful ones. Is having 4 members in a girl group really the best combination?

Many believe that having fewer members creates a balance and aura. It's also beneficial for equal line distributions and structuring choreography. But it's a disadvantage if a member decides to leave the group, as it can cause the group to disband.

Meanwhile, this might not be an issue in larger groups. Some fans say that number of members does not matter as long as the group is good at what they do.

What are your thoughts? Is having 4 or having around 7-9 members better? Does having fewer members really mean better treatment and a better connection with the fans?