Katch Up With K-Pop| Have BTS compromised their music for fame?

BTS, being the most popular group right now, is working on so many other things like games, webtoon, merchandise, endorsements and etc. But in terms of music, they only released two songs last year and have only 3 new songs in the upcoming album 'PROOF'. Is it all about business now?

Apparently, BTS's upcoming album 'PROOF' is an anthology album that will only have 3 new songs, and the rest being their old songs. It's a good opportunity to show new fans their past discography and history.

However, many fans are disappointed as they had high expectations. They think it is unfair to fans who have been waiting for new music this long and only got 3 new tracks. A lot of other Kpop groups like Twice, Stray Kids, and Ateez are continuously releasing albums and doing tours as well.

Is HYBE making BTS commercialized rather than promoting their artistry? Being the biggest boy group at the moment, they could've given more to their fans. What are your thoughts? Is their new expensive album even worthy to buy?