Katch Up With K-Pop| Is K-Pop's 3rd gen falling apart?

While we think K-Pop is making a leap in the international market, less popular groups are sadly leaving us in utter regret. Jiho is leaving her group 'OH MY GIRL' as well as the company 'Woolim Entertainment'.

Now OH MY GIRL is a 6-member group rather than the usual 7-member group. Do you think Jiho's talent was wasted in 'OH MY GIRL'? Now that she's leaving the group, what future projects do you think she'll do?

A lot of fans are disappointed about 3rd generation idol groups disbanding. Some of the 3rd groups that disbanded are NU'EST, GFRIEND, GUGUNDAN and etc. Many idols are leaving their companies like Wheein of Mamamoo, and also leaving the group like Nauen of Apink.

Will the "7 year curse" carry on, especially for girl groups? Do you think they will have the same fate as 2nd Gen idols?