Katch Up With K-Pop| K-pop's Obsession With Ideal Body Shape

While ITZY's Yuna has always been praised for her healthy lifestyle and slim figure, fans have shown concern for her health after Yuna's rib cage was severely showing during a performance.


ITZY recently held their first fan meeting where they chatted with and performed for fans. During their performance of popular b-side "Twenty," four of the five members wore crop tops. This included Yuna, who's rib cage were clearly visible.


Netizens were quick to pick up the topic with some labeling it as "gross" and "disgusting." However, a majority showed concern about her health.


Yuna has been gaining attention for her slim waist and proportionate body for the past few weeks. She also posts photos of large meals as a way to assure fans that she eats well. But, the recent pictures from ITZY's fan meeting have many questioning whether she has health issues or if her label JYPE is forcing her into an extreme diet.


Some fans did come to her defense, claiming that it could be the lighting exaggerating the shadows on her body and that in other photos from the same day, her ribs do not show.


Even if it is real, Yuna is not to blame here but the company is. It is no secret that K-pop companies make their artists go through extensive training which includes controlling their body shape and forcing diets.


Many idols in the past have shared how extreme their diet used to be and with K-pop creating a standard for female idols do you think idols are lying about their diets? Meanwhile, as fans, do you think its okay to discuss about idol's diets and body shapes?