Katch Up With K-Pop| Should K-Pop Industry Continue The Extreme Diet Culture?

Female K-Pop idols are known for their slim figure and glass skin. On the other hand, male idols are allowed to bulk up or cut down as they want.

For the past few years, the diet culture in the industry has been widely debated and discussed. It is no longer a secret that female idols go through extreme hardships to achieve the ideal body weight. Some idols are known to starve themselves.

Recently, Min from Miss A (JYP) revealed that she was kicked out of the label three times in ten years due to her weight. She had trouble losing weight and was kicked out despite having great vocals. Due to her determination to become a singer, she begged them to give her one last chance which she got and she was finally able to lose weight after working hard and cutting down her diet. The ideal weight for girls is 45 kilos generally, they are considered to be underweight or malnourished.

K-Pop sweetheart IU's extreme diet consisted of an apple for breakfast, a sweet potato for lunch and a protein shake for dinner. Big Bang's TOP had to undergo an extreme diet of only water and sweet jelly made of red beans to lose 20 kgs in 40 days. Hyuna fainted on the sets while filming her mv because of her diet.

As compared to earlier days of K-Pop male idols look way healthier than female idols. However, though female idols still follow extreme diets even today there are few who are breaking the rules like Hwasa, Park Bom, Jessi, CL and many more.

Therefore, the question is, "should female idols still continue the extreme diet culture?"