Katch Up With KPOP| Are BLINKS gatekeeping Coachella?

Epik High's leader Tablo tweeted something which triggered Blackpink's fans to attack him with hatred. Do you think toxic fans need to stop thinking of everything as a competition?


With artists like Jackson Wang, 2NE1, and aespa performing at the Coachella, Kpop fans are in for a treat. However, looks like some Blackpink fans are getting 'FOMO' while they recall the group's Coachella performance in 2019. The girl group surely created history by becoming the first Korean girl group to perform there.


However, on April 20, Epik High's Tablo tweeted an article that said "Epik High makes history as the first Korean Group invited back to perform". The group first performed in 2016 and now are revisiting in 2022. Although he didn't mention anything about Blackpink, BLINKS (Blackpink fandom name) thought he is shading the girl group and thus they started attacking Epik High's leader.


Both his Instagram and Twitter were flooded with hateful comments and messages. He replied to one of the DMs and said 'Oh wow...'


That Instagram message said "you will never be on blackpink's level and being shady towards them will not change that. all you'll ever be known for is embarrassing yourself cause, trust, we all saw that dead crowd you had Coachella." The BLINK continued "Fancams of the pinks have more views than your official music videos so maybe worry about that. Or! Even better idea! Why don't you focus on your little brat and stop getting in women's business?"


When Epik High performed at Coachella in 2016, they were asked to recommend more Kpop groups. And one of their recommendations was Blackpink. When artists support each other, why do fandoms have to hate each other? What are your thoughts on this? How do you think we should deal with toxic fans?