Katch Up With KPOP| Does Seungri deserve the sympathy?

The sister of infamous ex-Big Bang member Seungri posted an Instagram story where she asked his brother's fans to leave messages of support if they want to. She wrote in English, "He misses you guys. If you guys have something to tell him, please contact him. I'll pass it on to him instead."


This made Korean netizens wonder that her sister deliberately wrote it in English because she knows there aren't any Korean fans left anymore after the 'Burning Sun' scandal.


As a result of that scandal, Seungri is currently serving one year and six months for nine criminal charges, including embezzlement, violation of food sanitation laws, sexual assault, illegal camera filming, habitual illegal gambling, illegal foreign monetary transfer, assault, and more.


Seungri has left the entertainment industry back in 2019 and now fans think it is shameless of him and his sister to still ask the support. What are your thoughts? Was this the right step taken by her sister? Does he deserve fans' support and sympathy now?