Katch Up With KPOP| Have 'Girl Crush' concepts reached their peak?

By following the footsteps of BLACKPINK, new Kpop girl groups are lacking variety and creativity. Do you think 4th generation groups need to give the 'girl crush' concept a rest?


Girl Crush is all about female empowerment and being confident. It usually has dark themes and mature sounds. These concepts are important if someone is genuinely feeling empowered by them. But the lack of variety in Kpop makes this concept less impactful.


With BLACKPINK's success, every 4th generation group like ITZY, Everglow, NMIXX, Kep1er, and IVE is following the same concept. Do you think entertainment agencies lack creativity?


There was a time when many groups did cute and bright concepts like TWICE, IOI, GFRIEND, and more. And now nobody does that, except STAYC, who is soaring up in popularity right now! Their fresh, unique concept has helped them become a mainstream group despite coming from a small company. Also, you can look mature without doing the girl crush concepts, like Red Velvet's Psycho.


Trends come and go. Rather than being a follower, you can think something out of the box. If everybody does the same, it will soon become boring and monotonous. What are your thoughts? Do they need to change their styles? What kind of concepts do you like more?