Katch Up With KPOP| Will Aespa lip-sync even at the Coachella?

Although Aespa might be leading the new era of Kpop right now, they are infamous for their lip-sync controversies. People believe that Aespa is talented when it comes to vocals, but they always choose not to sing while performing their choreographies.


Now that they're invited to the world's biggest music festival 'Coachella', fans are wondering if they will be able to sing LIVE. Coachella is way different than Korean music shows or award shows. The girls will have to keep interacting and keep the crowd hyped up. It will be a new experience for them as they've mostly performed without audiences till now due to the pandemic. However, the audience's reaction could either go really well or really poor depending on whether they'll sing LIVE.


Aespa fans are both excited and worried, because if they don't sing LIVE, then it's a war on Twitter! Meanwhile, their agency SM Entertainment is playing a smart move to promote and prove the girls on such a big platform.


BLACKPINK and 2NE1 are both experienced artists who sing LIVE at all times. They both have slayed the Coachella stage previously. Will Aespa be able to do the same? Will Aespa be able to prove themselves?