With Katrina and Prabhas rumoured to pair together, is Bollywood collaborating with the South to save itself?

It's no surprise that Bollywood is slowly reaching a dead end in terms of content. From rehashing older concepts to remaking classics, it has left no stone unturned to slip back to being a major industry.

It's currently plagued with the insider vs outsider debate, poor choice of scripts, and what not. Amidst this, one can see the rise of regional content consumption by the belt that usually watched Bollywood for entertainment. This holds especially true for Southern content. With films being available with subtitles online, people are gravitating towards movies in other languages. Sensing this shift, Bollywood first began remaking regional films which wasn't really well received. Now, one can see Bollywood actors actively collaborating with Southern actors for large projects. These are mostly multi-lingual. From Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor's Saaho to Rajamouli's upcoming RRR, then Prabhas and Katrina pairing up.

Is Bollywood aiming at a pan-Indian appeal that will resonate with people across regions? Or is it banking in on the popularity of Southern films to revive itself from the dead end?