Katrina Kaif & Her Bollywood Controversies

Katrina has always tried to maintain her life Private and out of controversy. She might have managed to stay out of the negative spotlight in the past few years but she was the favorite topic of discussion when it came to Bollywood controversies. Be it with Salman or Ranbir, her name always kept coming up in the news.


Dating an abusive boyfriend as Salman


Nobody has ever confirmed this but when Katrina was with Salman Khan there was speculation that she was physically abused by him. When Katrina and Salman were together, the couple was seated at a restaurant. The two had a massive argument and in response, Salman who is well known to have behavioral issues and abusive nature slapped Katrina. Katrina kept her dignity by not responding and got up and immediately left the premises.


SRK VS SALMAN on her birthday


A major heated conversation took place between Salman and Shah Rukh Khan during Katrina‘s birthday party. The conversation even involved Aishwarya Rai which made Salman pretty angry. From then on Salman and Shah Rukh stopped talking until now.