Katrina Kaif's Instagram account hacked?

With more than 66 million followers on Instagram, Katrina Kaif has a sizable fan base both online and offline. Fans of the actress were recently stunned, leaving many to wonder if her account had been hacked.

On her official Instagram account, Katrina Kaif's display name was changed to "Camedia Moderatez" yesterday, August 5. Netizens started to speculate whether her account had been hacked.

However, the actress quickly changed her name back to Katrina Kaif putting rest to all such speculations.

Well, after googling the meaning of 'Camedia Moderatez', the results are rather surprising as they showed everything related to Katrina Kaif.

While a certain section believes that the actress's account got hacked, some of her fans conclude that it was a publicity stunt for her upcoming movie Phone Bhoot.

What do you think?