Kdramas to watch if you like the horror genre

Oh, my ghost

It tells a story of a quiet Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) that serves as an assistant cook, and is able to see ghosts. One day, Shin Soon Ae, who apparently is alluring and also has a deep resentment to settle, possesses Bong Sun. Later on, the greedy manager of Bong Sun (Cho Jung Seok) continues to notice her changes. as more mysteries emerge around them.

The Ghost Detective

It tells the story of a detective who collects ghosts . Wherein, alongside his assistant, he often tries to solve mysteries and cases.


Priest is the story of doctors and exorcists protecting people in a Catholic hospital.

Save Me

The story begins with a group unemployed male who encounter and run to rescue a woman; who is apparently surrounded " suspicions" and whispers "Save me". It was eventually discovered that she has been stuck in some kind of religious cult.