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Keep cool bamboo toner Review

The main thing which made my curious on this product is "bamboo water" which is known for its calming, soothing, repairing and hydrating benefits. It's also fragrance free, cruelty free and vegan. I generally love using actives but sometimes I like to cut them down and focus on hydration. First I wash my face with a gentle cleanser (cetaphil). I then go with the bamboo toner, serum and lotion (serum and lotion review coming up next) .

Toner- It contains 85% bamboo water, sodium hyaluronate and polyglutamic acid. This is a very very hydrating toner as all 3 main ingredients are excellent hydrating agents. I love this toner so much that I use it twice a day. I take a few drops and directly pat it into my skin. It is not just hydrating but also smoothening and repairs skin barrier. If you don't like exfoliating toners or if u love hydrating toners then this is the best to go. It absorbs quickly. I love to use this daily for the hydrating effect it gives and it tackles any dryness in skin. Not just for dry skin, it is best for all skin types. Bonus- even suits sensitive skin.



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