KGF Recap : Most Famous Quotes

With the KGF fever creating a lot of buzz and turning a lot of heads recently after the makers announced its theatrical release in July 2021, KGF 2 has undoubtedly become the most awaited movie of the year. As per reports Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani's Excel Entertainment has already bought the Hindi rights of the film for a staggering amount of 90 crores. Now with all the anticipation and the hype, thanks to its prequel KGF Chapter 1 being a pan India hit, let's have a look at some of its Most Famous Quotes:

1. Powerful people come from powerful places.

2. Rocky is like fire where the enemies are like petrol. The more the enemies, the more Rocky blazes through them.

3. The breath of a wounded lion is far more terrifying than its roar.

4. In a fight it’s not about who throws the first punch, the only thing that counts is who fell to the ground first.

5. The one who comes with a gang is a gangster. He always comes alone. Monster!

6. If you hit a common man, police will come in search of you. But if you hit a policeman, dons will come in search of you.

7. Mother is the greatest warrior of the world.

8. If you gain courage because a thousand people are standing behind you, then you can only win a war. But if a thousand people get courage because you are standing in front of them, you can conquer the world.

9. One needs to have fear in life and that fear should exist in the heart. But the heart should not be ours but the enemies.

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