Kiara Advani Vs Janhvi Kapoor, the most beautiful actress in Bollywood today?

Kiara Advani- A resounding emphatic Yes! I personally think Kiara Advani is the most beautiful Indian actress in present times. She's awesome in her Bollywood outings. While I do agree that beauty is subjective, I think in the case of Kiara Advani, I would hazard a conjecture that most people will recognize that she's beautiful. Anyway, if someone thinks that she isn't beautiful, one really shouldn't be wasting time trying to convince them otherwise. You either find someone beautiful or you don't - I certainly do find Kiara beautiful.

Janhvi Kapoor is liked because she has two beautiful eyes and face and people like Kiara because of her gorgeous look or we can say attire and both are humble, well-mannered, kind towards everyone and far better than present proudly actresses.

What do you think??