Kick your Monday Blues with some 'Wonder Woman 84'

Last night I wasn't able to sleep and was thinking about what to do, so I watched 'WW 84' and oh my night was worth it. What are your thoughts about Wonder Woman 84?

We all know Wonder Woman is a warrior princess, a superhero and it's a DC character. Well, even though I am a Marvel fan, there's no point in denying that I enjoy DC movies as well. 'WW 84' is a film based on Wonder Woman aka Diana's (played by Gal Gadot) life.

The plotline is adapted from the 'Monkey's paw' story but the execution is different and the emotions will hit the right chords.

The action sequences are just rightly balanced and what can I say about Gal Gadot's performance. It's a treat to watch Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and if you still haven't watched this movie then I am recommending it.

Would you watch it?