Kilometres and Kilometres - Movie Review

‘Kilometres and Kilometres’ is a Malayalam movie on Netflix which was released in March 2020, directed by Jeo Baby. The film revolves around a journey which two people are on together. Josemon (played by Tovino Thomas) is an extremely hardworking person trying to make ends meet and support his family financially. Josemon is a sensitive and emotional character for whom his family matters a lot. Besides shuffling jobs and spending time with his family, Joseman has a strange but compelling love for his bike.

Along with him on the journey is Cathy played by India Jarvis, an American who is visiting India and is relatively well off. Cathy asks Joseman to take her all over India and offers him a handsome amount of money. During the journey, their belongings including Cathy's passport get stolen. She also gets into an accident, and to pay for her hospital charges, Joseman sells his bike.

Kilometres and kilometres seemed like a regular love story in terms of its plot. However, it was the subtleties of the film which really set it apart. Jeo Baby's wit and intricate placement of humour and food-for-thought are what make the film engaging and, perhaps, even powerful. Even the performances of the lead actors were adequate, with a little extra cream coming from the side actors who did a phenomenal job.

All in all, this film must be watched on a lazy Sunday. I recommend it to my Malayali friends who may understand the jokes better. Comment below what you think or thought of the film!