Kim Bum is finally getting recognized in the drama community.

In the world of K-dramas, artists enter and leave some continue vividly in your mind even after several years, while some remain nameless and vanish from your memory.

Kim Bum was a performer that was invariably on my mind since ‘Boys over Flowers’. His character, as well as his acting, were impeccable in the series and it made me sad that, I didn’t see him doing any other projects after the globally popular series but last year all my prayers were answered and he made his comeback with the legend of Nine tails.

He starred as an antihero opposite Lee Dong Wook. He played Dong Wook’s brothers, and the chemistry was off the charts. The bromance will be one that we remember for a long time. I’m hoping Kim uses his popularity from this series and relaunches his career because I know he has the talent and the X factor to be an enormous star.

What did you think of his performance from the tail of the nine-tailed?