Kim Soo-hyun to get his 3D virtual human - Here's what it will be used for

Yes! you heard it right! Kim Soo-hyun's agency Gold Medalist is planning to promote the actor's digital human project in collaboration with EVR studio. This digital avatar will be used across various industries such as entertainment, cinema, metaverse etc to prepare for the next-generation media market. Kim Soo-hyun will become the first Korean actor to get his 3D virtual human version.

Unlike conventional digital humans which have no external changes, this digital human could be operated without any time or space constraints. It will also reflect Kim Soo-hyun's bodily changes precisely such as skin, muscles, voice etc. this could be used for various purposes and is expected to create a sensation in the entertainment industry.

Hollywood actors such as Keanu Reeves' digital human was recently used in "The Matrix: Resurrection" to recreate his youth. these digital humans make VFX work easier and wouldn't require actors to sit for hours and hours to get their makeup. This experiment just again proves the star power that Kim Soo-hyun hold.