Kim Soo-hyun's new drama "One Ordinary Day" with "Korean Odyssey" fame actor Cha Seung-won reveals new teaser and premiere date

Kim Soo-hyun is back!

A crime-thriller drama "One Ordinary Day" starring Kim Soo-hyun and Cha Seung-won is all set to premiere on November 27, 2021.

The show is based on the BBC series "Criminal Justice", it will revolve around two men embroiled in a murder. Kim Hyun-soo (played by Kim Soo-hyun), who is an ordinary college student, ends up being the key suspect in the murder of a woman, and Shin Joong-han (played by Cha Seung-won), a lawyer who volunteers to help Kim Hyun-soo and guides him through his way to the absurdity of the justice system.

A new teaser is also revealed on October 21, which looks edgy and gives a gist of a spine-tingling plot with some flashbacks of the case. A strained conversation between the two leads is captured during their interaction about the "truth" and ends with Hyun-soo nervously inquiring "Did the woman die?"

Kim Soo-hyun is coming back to the small screen after over a year since the huge success of "It's okay to not be okay" and it is always a treat to see him in a new avatar. And It will be exciting to see him in his first crime-thriller drama. It will air on Coupang Play for eight episodes.

Will you be watching this drama?

Check out the teaser below!