King Khan's huge comeback is on its way!#HappyBirthdaySRK

King Khan of Bollywood turns 56 today! As the actor’s pretty busy with Aryan Khan’s case, one of the biggest questions of his career are unfortunately shadowed…


When will Shahrukh Khan make his comeback?


The answer is pretty soon! Shahrukh has had a pretty tough time choosing the right film & so have his fans watching his films in recent years! With most of his films being a critical as well as a box office failure in the last 5 years, has made SRK take a moment to make the comeback the actor deserves. The actor was last seen in Aanad. L. Rai’s “Zero”, which was one of the worst films I have witnessed on the big screen!


The sad fact about the film is even in a bad film like Zero, you see the effort & dedication, the actor took to portray the role of a dwarf, which only shows that SRK has been a prey of bad scripts under big director’s names!


However, the actor has learned from his mistakes & while his fans haven’t seen King Khan for three years their wait will finally be over in 2022 when SRK makes his comeback with Pathan! The newest entry in the spy universe which I personally felt was a brilliant move by Yashraj Films to make by taking the characters from the Tiger series & War and making it an interconnected universe. Other than that, the actor has also signed up for films with Rajkumar Hirani & Atlee whose release dates are yet to be announced!


Nevertheless, even if SRK has a failed comeback in the coming years, nothing will change the fact that SRK has a huge list of classics that will be remembered & celebrated forever!


Here are my top 5 SRK films-


Chakde India!


Kal ho naa ho 






My Name is Khan


However, his other films like Kuch Kuch Hota hai & Main Hoon Na will always be regarded as fan-favorites and films that can be watched anytime & how many ever times we want... A very huge Happy Birthday to King Khan! Let the SRK- films binge-watching begin!