KINGDOM's Dann and Cignature's Chloe selected as new host DJs of Arirang Radio's 'Radio'n Us'

Arirang Radio's 'Radio'n Us' have revealed their two new idol host DJs!

On June 13, it was reported that KINGDOM's Dann and Cignature's Chloe have been selected as host DJs for Arirang Radio's 'Radio'n Us.' While Dann will be the new Monday DJ, Chloe will be taking the spot as Thursday's DJ.

'Radio'n Us' is a daily radio program on Arirang Radio where each day has a different DJ host so as to add to the show's unique variety. 

Dann's first broadcast was at 8 PM KST (4:30 PM IST), while Chloe's first broadcast is scheduled for June 16 at 8 PM KST.