KK, one of the most successful and talented singers of our times

KK has left a legacy behind. He started off his career in commercial music with his soulful album "Pal", produced and directed by Leslie Lewis. Each and every song on that album had an extremely soulful touch to it. And with his powerful yet soothing voice, KK literally nailed all of them. Songs like "Pyaar ke pal" and "Yaaron" are even today considered the flagship songs for certain moods, occasions and emotions. After that, KK went on to give us some of the best songs of Indian film music - Tadap tadap ke, Mujhe Kuch kehna hai, Sach keh raha hai deewana, Tu ashiqui hai, Awaarapan banjaarapan, Ek pal ke liye, Bas ek pal, Tu Hi meri shab hai, Alvida, Teri Yaadon mein and many many more.

KK is definitely the king of soulful and soothing melody. And the value of his songs is even more in current times. One thing which I noticed his songs are still flawless without music also. KK is a symbol of evergreen songs.