Knetizens think BTS's junior and Big Hit's upcoming boy group does not look like a Korean group. What are your opinions?

The home of BTS and TXT, Big Hit Music is set to debut their new boy group in 2022. The 7 members of the group are doing activities in the YouTube channel "Trainee A" and are keeping fans anticipated for their debut. However, Knetizens have raised the opinion that the group doesn't even look Korean.

On March 8, "Trainee A" uploaded a documentary-like video showing their progress to make their debut. Eventually, they'll be a global boy group, as the members are from different backgrounds too. Apparently, member Yorch is from Thailand, James is Thai-Chinese, Leo is from Australia and JJ is Japanese-American. Thus, this leaves there members Sangwon, Woochan, Jihoon who have Korean nationality.

Knetizens have gathered to an online community where they talked about how they don't look like a Korean K-Pop group. What are your thoughts? Do you think Big Hit Music and HYBE did a good job by selecting too many foreign members?