Know about which material towels should be used for face and hair drying.

Generally, people neglect hygiene when it comes to towels. Mostly people use the same towel for drying hairs and face and even for body too. But we should not use one towel for face, body and hairs. We should have separate towels for face, body and hairs. 

Microfiber towels which comes in thick material are best for drying hairs because these towels dry out the hairs quickly, highly absorbent, and is not harsh for hairs and do not break the hairs during drying your hairs. 

Microfiber towels which comes in thin material are good for wiping the face after face wash because these towels are hypoallergenic which is highly beneficial for sensitive skin. They\"re unlikely to cause allergens reactions because allergies aren\"t trapped in fabric fibers. 

Also we should cover up our pillows with silk covers, because it is soft for both skin and hairs and makes you feel relax and it is also good for face skin too and is not harsh to skin. Wash pillow covers every third day because whenever we do overnight oiling in our hairs then oil get sticks on the covers when we sleep on them then this oil will get stick to our face which can lead to acne. So after every oiling session you should wash the pillow covers or every third day when you have not applied oil to your hairs. 

You can also use tshirts to dry your hairs, tshirts are too best for drying hairs, they do not harm the hairs. But keep the tshirt only for drying the hairs if you are using tshirt to dry your hairs.