Kota Factory's Black and White colour scheme is inspired by 1993 war drama Schindler's List?

The 2019 webseries, Kota Factory by TVF won millions of hearts with its unique concept and honest portrayal of students living in the city of Kota, a hub for all JEE and NEET aspirants. For those who don't know, JEE and NEET are the entrance exams one needs to qualify to secure a place into government engineering (especially IITs) and medical colleges. The series currently holds a rating of 9.2 on IMDb. Not only did the series provide everyone with some quality motivational quotes but also was rich in content. The characters like Jeetu Bhaiya, Vaibhav, Meena, Vartika and Meenal instantly established a connection with the youth. For me, the thing that amplified the impact of this story was its Black and White theme. In this colourful world, gone are the days when B&W content was consumed due to unavailability of colour technology. When I started with this series, I was puzzled to see the mundane colour scheme. Little did I know that there was a specific reason for that dull setting. Apparently, this theme is inspired by 1993 war drama, Schindler's List. The film by Steven Spielberg depicted the oppression of Jews by the members of Nazi party. So, the makers of Kota Factory roughly tried to draw parallels between the two situations. It's not hidden that the students in Kota are living in a difficult surrounding. They have a tight schedule with their day starting with tuitions and ending with extra revisions. You may or may not agree with this comparison, but you can't deny that the series was beautifully made. The second season of this heartwarming webseries will be releasing soon as announced by TVF. Already excited!