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Kriti Sanon - A cut above the rest

Watching her performance in her debut film 'Heropanti', I was not really impressed. But over the years, my perception of her has turned upside down.

Kriti Sanon genuinely seems like a humble, intelligent, and soft-spoken person. Which is kind of rare if you read about the star tantrums and on-set behind the scene stories of so many actors. Kriti uses social media, where she enjoys a massive fan following, to talk about mental health, crime against women, among other things. She recently posted a video about the pandemic, which was less than a minute, left a deep impact on me. The way she speaks about any issue, without actually putting someone down, is just great. She is one of the few who has always stayed away from controversies and has not spoken ill about any of her contemporaries.

Kriti was also one of the few to actually attend Sushant Singh Rajput's funeral, while others only wrote RIP posts on Instagram. Professionally, she manages to give her best even in an average film. Looking forward to her first solo-lead film 'Mimi' where she will play a surrogate mother.


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