Kriti sanon - The new bollywood Queen

There is always a heroine in bollywood who has got those femme fatale looks, has got those killer dance moves and rules the heart of the youngsters. The girls consider her a style icon and the boys wants to date or marry her. She has got the star aura to compel people to take notice of her every film and she can leave a lasting impression with her every film and song. And mostly importantly she has a struggle story which can inspire youngsters and make them respect her hardwork. In short she is known as the Bollywood Queen and Kriti Sanon has ticked all the boxes and emerged as the undisputed bollywood queen after Mimi.

Untill Mimi she was mostly cast for glamarous parts which could have been done even by Disha patani but now It is tough to imagine even Vidya, Priyanka or Kangana in place of Kriti as Mimi. Kriti has displayed a crazy acting range as Mimi. She projected a young girl with bollywood dreams, a surrogate mother for money, a mother killing all her dreams for her child and battling the societal norms and finally even letting go of her child for his own sake. Personally for me, Kriti has surpassed Kangana's performance in Queen ( Which is one of my all time fav ). Ofcourse the entire cast of film did a marvelous job and hats off to the director ( though it is a remake ) but it was Kriti who has done the unthinkable and the casting director and producer deserves applause for giving an outsider a chance to prove herself instead of declaring they can't find a better actress than Alia Bhatt.

Coming back to Kriti sanon, the best thing about her is that she is an outsider who has reached to the top without licking the feets of any movie mafia or having a god father. Kriti never went for PR relationships to stay relevant. Kriti sanon is an educated girl and it perfectly reflects in her personality full of decency. She has been the most non controversial actress to make her spot to the very top of the ladder.

Surely Kriti sanon has given nightmares to some bollywood hyenas as nobody expected her sudden rise and this is proved by the fact that their were hardly any congratulatory posts for her which otherwise are for mediocre performances like safeena and Gunjan saxena. Surely bollywood hyenas will try their best to damage her career from now on.

Nevertheless stay strong Kriti Sanon and now enjoy the best phase of your career. This decade belongs to you Queen.