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'Kuchh toh log kahenge' ft. Shonali Bose

Recently in an interview with Pinkvilla, Shonali said that her girlfriend & she were scared to inform about the relationship even to her female friends.

I wonder what they have gone through as a couple in the meantime. The ‘log kya kahenge’ stigma personally agonizes me. And 'WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN' is not just supposed be an Instagram trend but a humanitarian practice without any expectation of appreciation. Even after Section 377, would be people more open & receptive about LGBTQ+ relationships ?

We can't blame our parents or their parents because the cognitive roots. It is now on us to re-establish the parenting system & introduce a better nourishment system where our child is mentally satisfied & in accordance with such topics. Let us celebrate our peers, relatives, kids coming out of closet. Rather let's not make a caged dark 'closet' for the future generation  & let them be born free.

This video is worth being #1 Trending on YouTube.


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