Kylie Relaunches Its Cosmetics With Clean And Vegan Formulas

After so much of anticipation and speculation - Coty Inc. has declared it is relaunching Kylie Cosmetics with fresh and improved formulas that are vegan and clean, along with the new packaging. The consumer can purchase their cosmetics from the selected stores and retailers. They are also launching new direct-to-consumer websites on July 15. Kylie’s new website offers customers access to both cosmetics and skincare products for the first time.


Kylie Jenner said that she is feeling so proud to relaunch the cosmetics with all the clean formulas that are vegan and clean. Before relaunching the products, they have been well formulated and have done extensive testing to ensure efficacy. When creating the product line it was important to promise to use all the clean ingredients. They are launching the whole beauty routine under one space. The products include moisturizer, lip colour, eyeliner, highlighter, etc.


The upgraded lipsticks matte liquid lipstick is long-lasting which stays for 8 hours and is budge resistant. The Kyliner gel pencil is her secret to create her signature which gives ultra-defined eyeliner looks. This is available in 15 shades that are waterproof, creamy, and is a one-stroke application. The pressed blush powder doesn’t dry out the skin and is very comfortable to wear. The lip liner is long-lasting which claims to stay for 2 hours and it is waterproof.


What you would love to try from the product range of Kylie cosmetics?