The lack of representation of ethnic minorities in India in media

While there’s already a lack of representation of people from certain states, such as Northeast India, in media and films. There’s also a lack of representation of ethnic minorities as well. Despite having actors who could do the roles well. Many of those actors tend to not get many lead roles or even any roles at all. While there are so many unexplored stories revolving around these communities, we don’t usually get to see the stories nor the actors on the big screen as much unfortunately.


Many actors have talked about the experiences they’ve had regarding such things, be it them not being regarded as ‘Indian enough’ for a role or even in real life unfortunately. The lack of good roles being written also adds to manh good actors not getting movies and the spotlight they deserve. But the question still remains - Why is there such a lack of representation for ethnic minorities? And when will we finally start seeing actors, such as Meiyang Chang play the lead role in films? When will ethnic minorities finally start getting representation in media and films? 


(Putting Meiyang Chang’s picture up instead, because he’s an actor, singer, host/anchor etc I’d personally love to see get much more opportunities to shine and showcase he talent honestly)