Ladies, Rohit Saraf will be back with the second season of 'Mismatched' on Netflix!!

For millions of women, Rohit Saraf has been a heartthrob. He has won hearts not just with his appealing good looks, but also with his incredible acting abilities. He's given heart-stopping performances in everything from Dear Zindagi to The Sky Is Pink to Ludo to Mismatched. All of this has earned him the title of "national crush."


And now, the national crush has given his followers a sneak peek at his next project, which is one of the season's most anticipated web series, Mismatched 2.


That's right, you read that right. Rohit Saraf took to social media just to give his fans a sneak glimpse at the forthcoming season of Mismatched 2. Well, the new season of Mismatched has us all drooling over the prospect of seeing the drool-worthy young actor on TV once more!


Mismatched 2 by Rohit Saraf is awaited with bated breath. So, how about it, people?