Lakshya, Swades, Omkara, - Classics That Would Have Made Iconic Web Series

The three films I mentioned were not Box Office hits and yet, are considered some of the most special films of our times. However I was wondering, what if these films were actually released as web series in today’s age?

Lakshya: A directionless rich young lad with no ambition is suddenly interested to join the army without realising the challenge it entails. He joins, he quits and after being disrespectfully abandoned by his girlfriend for having no self worth, he commits to find a purpose and change himself. The same guy then plays a very crucial part in winning his country a war that went into history as one of the toughest wars fought. Lakshya’s story sounds like a perfect recipe for an absolutely gripping and inspiring Netflix series. Had Farhan Akhtat chosen to make it as a web show, it certainly would have been special.

Swades: Shah Rukh Khan’s Swades also happens to be a film that I feel could make for a very very special web series. An NRI guy returning to India and closely meeting the realities of his nation before having a change of heart is a premise for a good 10 episode show.

Omkara: Even if Vishal Bhardwaj had adopted the Othello the play in its truest form ACT wise, Omkara would have been a great watch. With so many characters, intricate plot details, back stories and deep writing, Omkara I feel would have been a great series.

Do you think I’m right? Which other film do you think would make for wonderful web series?