LALISA-Lisa solo Album Review!

Lisa, the adorable maknae and charismatic rapper of the world's biggest girl group BLACKPINK dropped her solo album on 10th September. Lisa's solo album was one of the highly anticipated releases of this year. Her fans were waiting for her solo debut for years now and finally, YG blessed them with 'LALISA' which had two tracks Lalisa and money.

The title track 'Lalisa' is a trap synth hip hop song that focuses on Lisa's success and confidence. The aesthetic value is really cool in this music video but the biggest weakness for the song is Lisa's bars and rap skills. The rapper tries to switch bars to spice it up but rather than giving the sing spice her skills make it seem like that we are listening to a compilation of five different tracks.

Money, the B-side track also continues on the same path and falls flat with no emotions to the lyrics and just empty brags. Lisa raps "Bitch, I do the money dance, I just made a hundred bands, When the store says sign for it, I'mma leave my autograph', instead of feeling confident and empowered after hearing about her success we rather feel cringe. The biggest flaw in the whole album is that it lacks the emotional connection that Rose's 'On the Ground' had. When compared with her own group members solo Lisa's solo falls flat and empty. Not to say that the rapper lacks any skill but rather that she deserved better. Her solo albums needed a lot more detailing and focus on lyrics, the album felt very rushed, maybe that is why it also lacked that emotional connection that fans looked for.