Laneige hydro essence review

SUNDAY'S ESSENCE @laneigeindia Water Bank Hydro Essence... Essence is meant to be used before serum if I'm not wrong. And this is not watery at all as seen in next picture but very thin white milky lotion types. As you pat it on your face it takes some time to get absorbed. Once absorbed I feel a bit sticky (personal view). Very mild fragrance of normal lotion types but as other skincare is to be loaded above it so doesn't matters. Not a really big con in any way, it's a normal lotion types which can be skipped. If you are into purely 9-steps of K-beauty than you should follow this step in your skincare. I think it will go better if I use full laneige skincare instead of just choosing this a single product with other brand products for skincare. HAVE YOU TRIED THIS? LOBE TO KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS