LE SSERAFIM without Kim Garam is definitely better

With the ongoing bullying scandals of Kim Garam, LE SSERAFIM is currently promoting as 5 members. Meanwhile, Kim Garam has taken a break.

The 5 members performed yesterday and honestly, the choreography looked more eye-pleasing. Also, I feel the youngest member Eunchae shined more compared to her previous performances.

Meanwhile, after seeing the bullied victim and HYBE's statement, I think it's best to kick out Garam of the group. Even HYBE's statement seemed full of excuses. People will anyways not accept Garam and she'll continuously receive the hate. The group is newly debuted and they haven't really built a strong fandom that will support her. Keeping her in the group is definitely going to make things complicated.

What are your thoughts? Do you think she should be kicked out?